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My experience so far with the Delta-coininvestment FX platform and its customer services has been positive. The Delta-coininvestment spreads are quite tight compared to other FX trading platform that i know. from easy trade execution to instant dissemination of news surrounding the markets. They also provide end of day trading summary.


I have been using this broker for more than 4 years and never had any problems communicating with their support. Their support is top notch and their spread is very competitive.

I have been having a good experience so far. The platform runs smoothly. I have received my money in a timely manner when i request it. I have'nt have any issues with this broker and hope that it will continue this way

The Best choice. A number of positive points, among many, first excellent and fast service Support ,very good spread, fast and easy withdrawal, regulated in many countries, and above all responsible. Delta-coininvestment has been my Broker for a long time !!! Thank you so much !!!

In forex, "trust" is something scarce. I blew up my acount due to enormous leverage and slippage. I ended up with a minus in my account though Delta-coininvestment offer account protection, i already knew that. They offered to cover the loses and reconcile the account by the same minus amount of money. Are they obliged by law to do that?NO. Do they know me personally?NO. They trusted me, gave back the money althought they didn't have to, and now i'm an eternal client to Delta-coininvestment because i TRUST them.